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  • WatchGuard Endpoint Security Modules Beta October 7, 2021
    A few months after integrating WatchGuard EPDR, WatchGuard EDR and WatchGuard EPP into WatchGuard Cloud, we are happy to announce that the integration of Endpoint Security modules in WatchGuard Cloud is now in beta!   This milestone means WatchGuard partners selling the Endpoint Security portfolio will be able to trial and sell our complete Endpoint Security offering. Starting from today, our customers and […]
  • New WatchGuard Endpoint Security Release July 20, 2021
    As you may know, last month we announced that WatchGuard Endpoint Security was available in WatchGuard Cloud for partners and customers. Now, one month later, we have added new features to those endpoint solutions, as well as to Panda Endpoint Security products. With these new capabilities, we are bringing more visibility and control to our […]
  • Save time with Endpoint Trials in WatchGuard Cloud! June 11, 2021
    WatchGuard is pleased to announce that trials for WatchGuard Endpoint Security products can now be activated in WatchGuard Cloud! If you are a Service Provider or a Tier 1 Subscriber, trials are a fantastic way to evaluate WatchGuard EPP, WatchGuard EDR, or WatchGuard EPDR for yourself or your customers. With the new Trials page in […]
  • Endpoint Security API and ConnectWise Automate Integration April 21, 2021
    We are happy to announce that the WatchGuard Endpoint Security API and ConnectWise integration is now available! Early this year we released the WatchGuard Endpoint Security API, allowing our partners and customers to monitor and manage computers that run WatchGuard Endpoint Security software with greater automation. The features available in the API will allow you […]
  • New WatchGuard Endpoint Security Beta April 5, 2021
    We are excited to announce that the WatchGuard Endpoint Security Solutions Beta is now available to beta test! Customers and partners can try out the latest innovations in WatchGuard Endpoint Security in WatchGuard Cloud. Our Endpoint Security platform lets you deploy, manage, and monitor your endpoint security from a single pane of glass. This integration […]
  • NEW in Prepaid Points: Panda Products + Single User Assignment December 1, 2020
    We are excited to announce that WatchGuard partners can now use Prepaid Points to assign licenses to Panda endpoint products through MSSP Command! Pay-as-you-go Prepaid Points is a part of WatchGuard’s FlexPay program, enabling partners to pre-purchase points that can be used later on WatchGuard’s portfolio including Firebox and SaaS products. Points never expire and […]
  • WatchGuard Releases a Full Endpoint Security Platform October 1, 2020
    We are happy to announce the availability of the WatchGuard Endpoint Security portfolio of services. With this announcement, we are ending the Early Access Program that we have been running since June. Starting October 1st all our partners and their customers will be able to evaluate and purchase the entire suite of products available through […]